A collaborative planning approach will be employed throughout the planning process, as the ideas of faculty, staff, and students will be incorporated into the plan. Please participate in the planning process by taking the Campus Bicycle Survey and sharing your ideas in the discussion below.


8 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. How do you feel about bicycling on campus? What about to and from campus? Do you feel safe? Are bicycle facilities adequate? Where can improvements to bicycle facilities and safety be made?

  2. Bicycle facilities on campus could use some major improvements– I am often terrified biking down College Avenue, dodging car doors while pedaling desperately to stay ahead of traffic. Bike racks, especially at dorms and apartments, leave bikes open to the elements where they deteriorate rapidly (and residence life policy makes the problem worse, prohibiting bike storage on balconies and spaces under stairwells). But to seriously encourage cycling on campus, the best thing would be a co-op that provides free or inexpensive repairs, maintenance and safety training, and a free bike-share or discounted bicycle purchasing program. These programs exist at other schools.

    Furthermore, this kind of open, community-driven planning could go a long way to solving some major problems at UMW (for example, we might have gotten bike lanes on College Avenue instead of eagle decals, if that process had included more community input).

  3. I love the idea of supporting bicycling on campus and to developing infrastructure that helps bikers. I’ve been nearly run over more than once on the sidewalks on College Avenue and on the walkways throughout campus. Walkers should not have to get out of the way of bikers. But bikers should have a safe way to get around and to campus. I hope that the city of fredericksburg will work with UMW to provide safe biking to campus. And I hope that UMW can develop bikeways on campus.

  4. The bike share idea that has been so successful at other schools–U of Montana at Missoula and University of Richmond, to name a few– is something that has come up at the President’s Council on Sustainability as well and continues to be discussed as a possibility. At least in Montana, the bikes have become somewhat of a trademark for the campus. Do folks here think that would be of interest to students (and perhaps faculty)?

  5. Peter & Jeremy, bike share programs at other institutions (especially institutions of a similar size to UMW) can serve as models for a bike share program at UMW. I think both of you are onto something!

  6. UVa has an awesome bike repair station that has basic tools and a bike pump that permanently sits outside and is all grounded down so no one can take it. It would be so great if we had one of those!

  7. Hello fellow UMW students and alumni! I am a UMW alum and an avid biker, both on road and off-road. I would be interested in learning more about this project and the status of it. We are currently working with UMW in using GIS to support mountain biking. Check out our website at http://www.fambe.org and join our facebook discussion forum. Utlimately, just another way to advocate the sport, while meeting other local bikers. Look forward to hearing more about your project!

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